Our third episode features an in depth interview with YOUnique Minds group member Tom Keegan, who speaks honestly and eloquently about his own experiences with mental health, the journey he has taken, and his hopes for the future.

Our guest this week is YOUnique Minds support / admin team member Shawnie Bisgrove, an all round awesome human who works in a care home in Hertfordshire. We discuss the emotional reality of specialised elderly care in the COVID era, and the impact it has had on staff and residents alike. 

Welcome to The YOUnique Minds Podcast, featuring open, honest, and informative conversations covering all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. In an emotionally charged first episode, host Jay Tee is joined by YOUnique Minds founder Zoe Godden, as she talks about looking after her son Ryley after his recent visit to Watford Hospital.

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for tuning in to our first episode. We are both so happy with the response, and hopefully it has sparked some interesting conversations. This week, our conversation runs the gamut from hints at an exciting future for YOUnique Minds, to the anxiety over disappointing friends, the pitfalls and opportunities of social media, and female equality and the gender divide.

Stories will be told. The truth will be revealed. In Episode 3 of Burleigh and a Teet, Adam and Jay Tee answer your burning questions. One things for certain: nothing will ever be the same again. Or will it?! Yeah. Probably.

Welcome to YOUnique Drivel! This is a mental health and wellbeing podcast hosted by Zoe Godden, creator of the YOUnique Minds Facebook support group. In our first episode, Zoe and her co-host Jay Tee discuss the unlikely beginnings of their decade strong friendship, the challenges facing men sharing their story, and the weight of expectation in relationships. If you are in a mental health crisis, please search YOUnique Minds Inbox on Facebook, which offers free, confidential support to those in need.

Our fifth episode features one of our most enjoyable conversations to date with Daley Johnson, an excellent human who wears all the hats at Playtonic Games. Our discussion covered her dual role as Narrative Designer and Engagement Lead, how she handles the negativity that is often intrinsic with social media, and her hopes and dreams for a new F-Zero game.

Adam Burleigh and Jay Tee return for a second helping of tangent filled absurdity. This week, mobile gaming, politics, and poo. Yeah! What a winning combination!

Our latest slice of drivel features a man that even Tom Nook himself would respect for his creative tenacity. Daniel Luu, the mind behind Nookazon.com, talks to Jay Tee about the origins of his new project, how the site will evolve in the future, and his respect and gratitude for the fast growing Nookazon community. If you're playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this one is definitely for you. 

Joining us this week for some fresh drivel is the exceptionally talented Amanda Troop, a versatile actress with a seriously impressive list of live action, theatrical, and voice over credits, including The Death of Superman for DC Animated Films, Box Peek for Easy Allies, Ripley Improv, and a number of high profile video games, including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Rage 2, and Horizon Zero Dawn. I also have a new mic, so that's fun. Set phasers to crispy. 

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